Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dumping some weiqi terms

Trying to translate chinese language weiqi collection names, so dumping some info here where I can find it easily.

NannyOgg: what is 对局系列 ?
lanke: To bureau series
lanke: according to babelfish
lanke: hahahahahahaha
NannyOgg: very helpful, thank you
NannyOgg: i had tried that already ^^
lanke: 对 = facing/opposing
lanke: it can also mean correct
lanke: 局 = game
NannyOgg: oh, that's the collections of two players against each other!
lanke: 对局 just means "games" actually
lanke: series of games between two players
lanke: basically its just a collection of all the games played by two particular players I believe
NannyOgg: ok, makes sense
NannyOgg: So what about the victory bureau series? 胜局系列
lanke: bureau is an inappropriate translation of games
lanke: collections of victories
lanke: basically, like cho chikuns victory series
lanke: means the collection contains games that he won

FlameBlade: 手筋
FlameBlade: tesuji
FlameBlade: 腾挪
FlameBlade: sabaki
FlameBlade: 棋手专辑
FlameBlade: seems to be modern go players collection
FlameBlade: 常昊
FlameBlade: this is Chang Hao
FlameBlade: 古力
FlameBlade: guess who this is
FlameBlade: Gu Li
FlameBlade: Gu Li is Ancient Power
FlameBlade: or strength
FlameBlade: how fitting
FlameBlade: 中国棋手 chinese go players
FlameBlade: 坂田荣男 sakata
FlameBlade: 日本棋手 Japanese go players
FlameBlade: 山下敬吾对集
FlameBlade: this would be...?
NannyOgg: yk!