Sunday, March 25, 2007

l/d problems

Just blogging this to remember which l/d problems to check out in Stonebase:

"Nice to study l/d problems. There have some good stuff about yose and l/d problems in StoneBase which named 中外古谱 -> 中国古谱 -> 官子谱. It's very useful because almost all the stuffs come from the real game. In fact i almost don't do other l/d problems except this one. It was writed in 17th by GuoBailin."

Today, I am studying attack and defense, and haengma. I guess should do l/d later too.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Have fun!

Nanny: have fun!
how do you say 'have fun!' in chinese?
Min: I don't think we have special words for it.
Nanny: ok, depends on what one is going to do?
Min: 玩得好
Nanny: thank you
Min: yes, it depends on what one is going to do and now I can't think of anything similar for have fun.

wan2 de gao1 xing4

Friday, March 16, 2007

Going to sleep

Nanny: ok
how do I say, 'I will go to sleep' ?
i know I and sleep, but not sure how to make it into 'I will go to sleep'

lyonweiqi: 我将要去睡觉
or say

Nanny: ok, let me make a note of that and then i'll follow through on it :)

lyonweiqi: 你应该去睡觉了
您 is more polite

Nanny: ok
hehe, just translated that :p

Guess will study more tomorrow, but wanted to make note now.

Have a good trip!

wutu: 一路顺风
NannyOgg: 谢谢 :)
NannyOgg: would you say that before someone goes out on a walk too?
NannyOgg: or only to a specific destination?
wutu: yes
NannyOgg: yes, specific, or yes to walk?
wutu: yes to walk or trip
NannyOgg: ok, great!
NannyOgg: then i learned very useful new vocabulary :D
wutu: hehe

Off to our local science museum!

Placement Stones

I am playing a game with a friend, and it looks like we'll start with a cross corners hoshi opening. He said:

This looks like placement stones: 座zuo4子zi3

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Women's Day

March 8:

women's day=三八妇女节
三san1 =three
八=ba1 =eight
妇fu4女nv3 =women
节jie2 =festival

All the women will enjoy half day or a day's break. It's not long but interesting because you almost can't see a woman in working in this day.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Did you sleep well?

谢谢,Min for teaching me this new vocabulary.



你 ni3 You
睡 shui4 sleep
的 de
好 hao well
吗 ma5

if you want to express the time,you can add last night.

昨 zuo 2
晚 wan 3


Tiger's mouth

虎hu3=tiger mouth


"Can't play a move which you are supposed. It's kiai(气qi4合he2)! Now you are supposed to connect at where i was supposed to atari."

(And no, I did not play where he wanted me to play :p)

Saturday, March 03, 2007


弟弟 (di4 di5) is Li Ang, my younger brother.
姐姐 (jie3 jie5) is Iliana, my older sister.
妹妹 (mei4 mei5) is Min, my younger sister
哥哥 (ge1 ge5) are Ronald and Oscar, my older brothers.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Moyo and territory

Just realized it's not moyo(模mo2样yang4) but territory(实shi2地di4). I am really sorry for saying it a moyo to myself, but i don't feel too sorry for saying it to you^^