Thursday, August 31, 2006



'I do not want to play nicely!!!' Small Peas said
'I want to go shopping with you too!'

This one I actually understood before I used the dictionary, woohoo!!!
Time to study go, but had to do some chinese first :)


Last night, my friend Min taught me this word.


ri4 luo4

Monday, August 28, 2006


“小豆,乖。妈妈先要出去买东西, 然后还要和萨阿以(阿姨)一起吃饭。”袋鼠妈妈说, 拟(你)和小熊维尼一起好好儿玩

Small peas, be obedient. Mama has to go out to take care of important things. (Dong xi, I actuall knew that one ^^)After that, I have to get together to eat a meal." Mama kangaroo persuaded, I want you to be nice and amuse yourself.
( Mama has to go out to do some shopping. After that, I will have dinner with aunty Sha. )
(You can play with Winnie and have a good time.)

This one was hard, no idea how close I came to actually figuring out the meaning. This does finish the first page.

But hey, i entered and mostly translated a whole page of chinese text ^^ (yes, yes, I know it is only a kids book)

More Pooh

“我不想要别人照看!” 小豆大声说。他级的(急得)都快哭了。

'I don't think other people can look after me' Small peas (is that Roo? the little kangaroo?) loudly said. He cried. (?)
( I don't want other people look after me.) (He was so anxious that he almost cried.)
Pizza is ready, more later. This will take a while to translate the book, but it's fun to see how far I can get.


I got a chinese Winnie the Pooh book, will use that for chinese translating practice


Dear .. (is this an term of endearment?) Yes
Someone is coming to look after you, kangaroo mama says.

The picture shows mama Kanga talking to baby Roo.

More later, sylvia needs attention.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

There we go

那听起来好. 我想要做月饼.

I used the MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary to make sense of it.
First sentence I can't figure out 'How/which listen beginning or continuing good'
Second sentence seems to be 'I think I am going to make moon cakes.'

Let's cheat and see what babelfish tells me. 'That sounds I want to make the moon cake'
So second sentence agrees, but still no idea what to make of the first part.

(It sounds nice. I want to make moon cakes.)


'Draw back corners of mouth' Sounds like laughing?

好, 我将去回到读书

Oh, that one I could figure out with some dictionary help
'Good, I will return to my studies'


Giggle. That's a new one, will have to remember that one. I usually use 哈哈

Welcome to Chinese For Fun

This is just a blog to have fun with our Chinese language studies.


My goal for today is translating what my friend said this morning,interspersed with my replies, but will post translation later today.

那听起来好. 我想要做月饼.
argh, that will take me a minute

help, too fast!

好, 我将去回到读书
good, I something something something