Friday, October 27, 2006


“以后, 以后是什么时候”, 小豆问道

Later? Who will come later? Little Peas asked.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Proverb of the day

My friend S reminded me of this Chinese proverb:

Before enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water
After enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water

Babelfish gets me
在启示, 砍木和运载的水之前
在启示以后, 砍木和运载的水

I like the proverb. S helpfully told me I should try to find the original one and translate it into English. Maybe some day ^^

Sunday, October 15, 2006


“ 等以后吧,亲爱的。” 妈妈说。

'See you later, dear', mama says.

Hmmmm, that's a new one to learn, the only one I knew so far is 再见 (tia jian = bye)

Now I'll have to learn 等以后吧 (deng yi hou ba) and figure out when it is used.

But first, time for my aikido and my morning walk, life has been kind of crazy here, so haven't done any of those yet. Sylvia ran off with my Pooh book, so I have a good excuse to translate only one sentence right now ^^

Friday, October 13, 2006

More Pooh

Back from my trip and found my Pooh book.


Hmmm, that is hard, not sure what it says

"You take care, I am going pretend shopping" he said loudly "when I am grown up, maybe I can go shopping with mama"


Today I was very happy to send a chinese sentence to a chinese seller on ebay. I had to get Min's help to get it correct, but hey, at least I tried! This is what I wrote:


Some day I will be able to actually do this without extensively scratching my head and using on line dictionaries ^^

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Before You Know It

A few days ago, I found the Before You Know It software site and downloaded their trial version for Chinese. I worked myself through one of the lists, it seemed to work quite well. I'll have to use it some more before I can have a grounded opinion on it, but I figured I would put a pointer here so people can check it out for themselves if interested.

Haven't been doing much Chinese, life is happening. This weekend will be gone for a go workshop, but it's a Chinese pro teaching, so I might get some Chinese in anyway.