Saturday, January 05, 2008

Making Tea

Is there a way to say 'be right back, i am making tea' in chinese?

My sister: 马上回来,我正在泡茶


马上 ma3 shang4 at once / right away / immediately
回来 hui2 lai5 return / come back
wo3 I / me
正在 zheng4 zai4in the process of (doing something or happening) / while
泡茶 pao4 cha2 make tea

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Have a good day!

Nanny: thank you, one question
how do i say 'Have a good day' in chinese?

Li: hmm
not exact time

Nanny: hmmm, ok, so anything else one would say instead?

Li: 愉快的一天
something like that

Nanny: ok, thank you

Li: a difficult question