Saturday, September 30, 2006

Morning Walk

This morning, I went out for a walk, and decided to take my mp3 player with me. It was so nice to be outside in the sun, get my exercise AND listen to Chinesepod. I listened to the tones lesson and the lesson about facial features. I now can tell people "你的宝宝很像你。" Of course, I would have no idea what to say when they answer me in Chinese, but it would be a good conversation starter ^^

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Found my book again! Just reviewed the translation I have made so far and ready to translate another sentence.


"Little Peas found a bag, and was starting to have fun playing pretend things. "

Not sure about this one, I like how 大 is just big, and 大大 is greatly, enormously. It's interesting to see how the Chinese seem to use double characters for emphasis.

好 = good
好好= nicely
大 = big
大大 = greatly, enormously

I am sure there must be many more like that. I'll keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some Chinese Go Terms

My Winnie the Pooh book disappeared in my black hole house, so have not been posting much. Today is cleanup day, so will get some chinesepod in. I also dusted off my Rosetta stone and did the first unit。 It went surprisingly well.

Last night, I played go (围棋 wei qi) with a chinese friend, and he taught me some important go terms.

  • My Corner = 我的角 wo de jiao
  • My side = 我的边wo de bian
  • right side = 右边you bian
  • My center = 我的中央 wo de zhong yang
  • Another word for center = 中腹 zhong fu
  • Ko = 劫 jie

I also learned the chinese name for jewelweed: 凤仙花

风 feng phoenix
仙 xian immortal
花 hua flower

Immortal Phoenix Flower

But then mosaica told me: 'Actually, sorry, that's not jewelweed :) an image search for those characters, and you'll see'

Oh well, I still like the name anyway ^^

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Tonight be a no-sleep night..

I got inspired (and hungry) while waiting for my soup to simmer for several hours, so I whipped up some of this potato & seaweed dish which Min has been telling me about. The picture looked so good that it was the last straw.

Oh my GOODness it's so deLIcious!

Thanks for the excellent recipe, Min. It will be a new favorite :-)

So, do you leave your potatoes just a little crunchy, or do you cook them until they are entirely soft?


炒土豆丝--one of my favorite dishes

1.cut potatoes, seedweed, green peppers into matchstick sharp.
2.put some oil (depending how much potatoes you cook) in the wok
3.put (1) into (2) (until the oil is hot enough)
4. stir-fry it quickly, then put soy sauce, a little salt, crushed chili peppers( if you have it)
5. After you cook it for a whole, you may need to add a little water in it.
6. cook it until you feel it is ready.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


  • 询问时间

What's the time?
What time is it?
Do you know the time?

  • 表达时间

整点表达法:……点钟+o'clock(o'clock可省略) 记得am 和pm
  6:18 six eighteen 7:30 seven thirty

  A. 分钟数不超过30(包含30)时,用"分钟数+past+钟点数"表达。 如:6:05 five past six
  B.分钟数超过30时,用"分钟数+to+钟点数"表达。其中"分钟数"为60减去原分钟数,"钟点数"为下一个钟点数,表示"差几分几点"。如:  9:50 ten to ten

10:15 a quarter past ten
  7:30 half past seven

:-) Today I forgot how to express time in English again when I made a appointment with someone on the phone. Wrote it down. Hope I will never forget it again.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


“是的,亲爱的." 袋鼠妈妈说。她一边忙着级(系)大以(衣)扣子,一边找钱包

'Yes dear' said mama kangaroo, while she was busy buttoning her coat and finding her purse.
(The translation is perfect.)

Not sure about that sentence. I could do the " 'yes dear' said kangaroo mama " without dictionary, woohoo ^^