Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breakfast Revisited

This morning, I was going to have breakfast and wanted to tell my friends. This was no the preparing anymore, but the actual eating. I had no idea how to say that, so I made it a very simple 我早饭。 I figured it was not correct, but at least it would get through what I was doing and I wanted to practice using Chinese.

When I came back from breakfast, my bro had corrected my chinese already:

Ang: so didnt find you
but looks someone busy
btw it's dutch chinese


我 wo3 I
在 zai4 located at / in the middle of doing
吃 chi1 eat
早饭 zao3 fan4 breakfast


我 wo3 I
准备 zhun3 bei4 prepare to
吃 chi1 eat
早饭 zao3 fan4 breakfast


daidai said...

the wok looks nice! ^^

fee said...

hey, ni3 de zao3 fan4 kan4 qi3 lai2 hen2 hao3 chi1!

crazy.janne said...

hello? thanks for your comment.. by the way what food did you cook? its look delicious? can i know the recipe???

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